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Providing business class IT solutions
at affordable prices

Easy, flexible, secure

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Technology solutions to grow with

your business

Easy, flexible, secure

Offering a helping hand through the technology revolution

About beebl

Working solutions to help grow your business

We know how much effort starting a business can take. Setting out your stall takes so much time that it stops you doing the things you really want to do: creating great products and meeting new customers. The technology choices are boundless: Which email? Do I need accounting software? What about a website? What is a blog? Should I be using Twitter? So whether you want to bake delicious cakes, restore vintage cars, or design the latest fashions. You do that… and leave the IT to us.

No aspect of the service is unique to beebl. The value we add is making them work together for you on day one and making sure they can grow with you. All the products we implement are market leaders, products such as Office 365, Google Apps, ZoHo CRM. So once you are up and running, you can support yourself, or others can help you. We’d love to stay with you for the long haul. But we believe you should be free to choose and not be tied to your IT helpers.



We work with a selection of proven products. We know they work, because we use them ourselves.

We can help you choose the right IT solutions for you, and we can join them up to provide a seamless, efficient toolset to help run you business.

Within hours of using our simple assessment tool which makes sure you get the right solution, we can sort out your email, web site, a customer database, and accounting tools.

  • IT Health Check

    This is a one-off exercise designed specifically for small business. It targets potential risks and opportunities, leaving you with an IT improvement plan

  • beebl for Starters

    Aimed at small business start ups, a package of high quality IT services to get you up and running quickly and affordably

  • beebl Working Solutions

    Designed for a growing business our Working Solutions package includes everything in beebl for starters and more, including a customer database and accounting software

  • beebl Bespoke

    Small organisations don’t always have IT expertise in-house. We can provide advice and practical help to match your individual requirements